My martial story is quite simple.

I have always had a special interest for many subjects of the eastern culture, which proposes an approach to life not only theoretical-contemplative, but mainly a pragmatical approach. 
I have been always fascinated from the fact that in the eastern culture doesn't exist a theory separeted from the practice, as it happens in the model of philosophy that we are provided in the western countries: theory and practice are only 2 aspects of the same thing. The theory helps for the practice in the same way that the practice helps the theory. The theory which doesn't help in the practice, simply is a no-sense. 
Here the main Steps in my martial career:

1994 - My trip in the world of the Traditional Eastern Arts of war starts. At that time I had already experienced some kind of sporty point-Karate and then the Kickboxing Full Contact, which was living a good period, because I needed to question all, and also myself. I started studying Aikido with Kaoru Kurihara Sensei.

2000 - I started my path in the chinese arts, in a first moment reading articles, and then starting to practice Wing Chun: I started studying in the famous association EWTO, related to the famous Yip Man's student, SiFu Leung Ting.

Around 2004 I moved to the IWKA of SiFu Sergio Pascal Iadarola. I still practiced in the same time the way of Aiki (I can say in a certain sense that it's still so).

 2005 - I had also the opportunity to know SiFu Andreas Hoffmann during a Seminar organized in Rome from SiFu Sergio P. Iadarola. Afterwards I have attended some of his Seminars in Bamberg, Germany.

2008 - I addressed myself for 2 years also to the Muay Thai, always following the idea of the martial practice like a Laboratory.

2009 - The big change for my Wing Chun, and more in general for my understandings of the Traditional Martial Art, was without any doubt when I knew my current Master, SuHu Riccardo Di Vito, whose Wing Chun I try by all means to practice. 

Nowadays, my Master more than ever is dedicated to go deeper and deeper into the Art of Wing Chun, enjoying a great teaching from practicing Hek Ki Boen (HKB) Eng Chun, under the guidance of SuKong Kenneth Lin. I am now in this line.

In November 2014 I have met during a Seminar the main SuKong Lin's Master, Great Grand Master The Kang Hay.